Pictoword Level 51 Answers

Well if you haven’t had your fill of emoji’s or you are done with all the levels of guess the emoji then its time to take another leap of faith with us! Join the world of another guessing game known as Pictoword.

Pictoword is a game similar in concepts with guesstheemoji game. It was developed by Kooapps LLC and is now the most popular word game in almost 30 countries. This game is not only for kids but also can be a free-game time winner for most adults. Not only your kids would enjoy this app game but we are dead sure that you also will!

Well the games rules are simple! You are going to activate your mind-guessing skills and by looking at the picture that are being displayed, you would have to guess the answer. the answer could be a one word, a collection of words, movie, place in short that exists in the world.


Now as you see here, on one side we have a photo of an inn and on the other side salt. So if you read it out aloud you can guess it so easily! That is one of the tactics to win this game. Say the words aloud and you will have the word in mind in no time.
So what does inn and salt make? Say it aloud. Inn Salt.. Inn Salt. Insult. That’s your answer.

So there you have it! Insult. Now lets move on to another because we know you just can’t get enough of this game!!!!

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