Guess the Emoji Level 29 Answers (Puzzle 1-10)

On this page we have all the level 29 answers that you need to know of the popular game GUESS THE EMOJI.  On our GuessTheEmojiPro website we have got all the answers to all the levels and are constantly updating our website if the levels of the game change.

With our cheats and answers to every level, you can ace this game. Are you able to guess the combinations of emojis? If you are stuck at a puzzle of level 29, wanna know what the Guess the Emoji answer is? Then stay right here and check out the GuessTheEmojiPro cheat for it and much more! On this level you will have to guess the popular phrase that the combinations of emojis represent.

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We are here to get you through every level of this game. This page will give you GUESS-THE-EMOJI answers, GUESS-THE-EMOJI cheats and GUESS-THE-EMOJI hints to all of the puzzles of Level 29. Our help doesn’t stop here, click on next level and we will guide you on upcoming levels too and you can go back to the previous level too. Your fun with the emoji’s won’t stop till you reach the end and we are going to get you there. HAVE FUN!!

Guess the Emoji Level 29 Answers (Puzzle 1-10)

[Level 29-1] Answer: Tequila sunrise

[Level 29-2] Answer: Appletini

[Level 29-3] Answer: Death stare

[Level 29-4] Answer: Pork chop

[Level 29-5] Answer: Tennis elbow

[Level 29-6] Answer: Hot chick

[Level 29-7] Answer: Movie star

[Level 29-8] Answer: Bank of america

[Level 29-9] Answer: Dancing queen

[Level 29-10] Answer: Pegasus

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