Guess the Emoji Level 138 Answers (Puzzle 1-10)

After playing this game you can have a whole conversation using only emoticons! If you need any help for solving a level of this game, just use these answers and cheats of Guess the Emoji Level  138 Answers

Guess The Emoji Answers and cheats to Level  138 of the world’s most popular game for mobiles like iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android users. We have all the answers and cheats for the game right here and are constantly updating our website with the newest levels of guess the emoji.This game is about to guess the popular phrase that the combinations of emoji’s represent.


So keep searching to solve the level that you are stuck on and beat the game in no time! If you need help with other levels in this game, just Search to find the levels you are looking for and continue playing this fun. We posted 100+ levels from guess the emoji game. Each level has 10 puzzles of emoji’s. We have answers for all 100 levels and all 1000 puzzles.

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Guess the Emoji Level 138 Answers (Puzzle 1-10)

Guess the emoji level 138-1 – Woman, Books, Building – LIBRARIAN
Guess the emoji level 138-2 – Square/Black, Rhythm, Girl/Dance – SQUARE DANCING
Guess the emoji level 138-3 – Eyes, 2, Eyes – EYE TO EYE
Guess the emoji level 138-4 – Sun, Bicep – SUNS OUT GUNS OUT
Guess the emoji level 138-5 – Cat, Food – CAT FOOD
Guess the emoji level 138-6 – Down arrowhead, Hourglass, Couple/Love – IN THE MOMENT
Guess the emoji level 138-7 – Man silhouette, Thinking, Speaker – THINKING OUT LOUD
Guess the emoji level 138-8 – Monkey, Pig, Elephant, Tiger – ANIMALS
Guess the emoji level 138-9 – 4, Calendar, Statue of Liberty, Stars/Sparks – 4TH OF JULY
Guess the emoji level 138-10 – 2, Woman, Woman – TWO WOMEN

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