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Ever since emoji’s have taken the place of emoticons, they haven’t stepped back for a single second. Emoji have taken over the world by storm, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are the new way of texting and expressing ourselves. Guess the Emoji Cheats Guess the emoji answers.


What is “guess the emoji”?

Guess the emoji is a new-game developed by the Random Logic Games, LLC. Random Logic Games is a gaming company based in Birmingham, Alabama. In this game, you have to remember the names of the emoji’s and later use those emoji’s name in the answer. This game does not require any special skills; it is a very fun game and is perfect for those who can’t even send “okay” without a laughing emoji! The emoji lovers are put to the real test through this guess the emoji game.

Where to find the guess the emoji answers app?

The good news about this game is that it’s available for both the Android and IPhone users. This is a big relief because mostly the Android game-lovers complain about that their game isn’t available on the Google App store and then miss out on their favorite game. But loads of thank-you to Random Logic Game, they knew that emoji lovers are everywhere; Android and IPhone both so they made it convenient for both the users. The IPhone users can download them from the Apple store easily and similarly the Android users just need to go to their Google App Store and get hands on this fun guessing game as soon as they can.

Fun is guaranteed once you download this emoji game.

How to play the “guess the emoji” levels?

Basically when you download this game; the fun part begins. The screen displays two images which are emoji that you use every day. The beginning levels are quite easy after those; levels get harder, and your emoji mind is put to the test.

You are displayed with two emoji’s which you have to guess and then combine them and give an answer. At the downside, it has letters in blocks. There are also the boxes unfilled which you have to fill with the letters. This is a guessing game. You put the letter in the boxes and then it tells you whether your answer is correct or not. The two emoji’s after combining might be a character, movie, place or anything. Your emoji communicating skills are required here. You can have the sound ON which gives it a good effect, and you enjoy it a lot with the music.

For example, if there is one picture of “heart” and the other one is “paper” then it is “love letter” or if there is a picture of “watch” and the second one is of “dog” then “watchdog” is your guessed answer. So simple and fun! 😀

Where to find the guess the emoji app answers?

Yes, the levels become hard when you move forward, and I know that then you are so into this game that you just can’t stop playing it. But what to do when you get stuck on a level? Worry not. We are here to the rescue!

First, you have a hint option in the game. When you get stuck at a level; the hint option is your’ first and on the spot answer. Click that hint button, and you shall get a hint using which you’d be able to answer the emoji. The only downfall that you will experience if you use this option is that it will cost you your coins. The coins you have earned along the levels will be utilized in them. There are three options when you click that hint button.

  1. Expose A Letter:
    This hint will want you to see a clip (advertisement) which most probably would be of a game. You watch that 20-second clip and then it shows you a letter that can come in the answer.
  1. Remove Letters:
    This hint as the name suggests would eradicate a letter and then you would be left with fewer letters and you might or definitely would be able to guess the answer. This hint would cost you 15 precious coins.
  1. Solve the Question:
    This hint would simply tell you the answer of the two emoji’s that are displayed and will cost you around 30 coins which are a lot of coins.

These options are for the players who don’t care about the coins they have earned and just want to get to the next level as fast as they can. Suit them. But if you don’t want to waste your earned coins then you have to check the cheats of guess the emoji.

Cheat for “guess the emoji”:

Now cheat for “guess the emoji” thing is for the smart and those lovers of this game who do not want to lose their coins so easily. So for those coin lovers, we simply have cheats; some of them are discussed below.

Level 11 “Guess the Emoji” answer:

Guess The Emoji Level 11 Answer
Guess The Emoji Level 11 Answer

On one of the rounds of level 11, you will be displayed with these two pictures. The first one is a hammer, and the other one is a clock. So most probably you it would be “hammer time.”

Level 18 “Guess the Emoji” answer:

Guess The Emoji Level 18 Answer
guess the emoji answers of all levels

If you somehow are at level 18, then you have passed the test of a beginner emoji nerd. As you move forward, you might get displayed with more than one picture. This level contains more than 2. Here you are displayed with a downward arrow sign, a number 2 sign and a picture of Earth. So, “guess the emoji answer” to this is “DOWN TO EARTH.”

Level 23 “Guess the Emoji” answer:

Guess The Emoji Level 23 Answer
Guess The Emoji Level 23 Answer

Level 23 of “guess the emoji” game will show you the above pictures. You can see there is a wheel and dollar bags. Hmmm! Our guess is “wheel of fortune.” Try it.

Similarly like other levels of this game we have cheats for each level. So what are you waiting for? Download “guess the emoji” game now and add fun in your bore time.

Come on guys, there are another 50 levels, the site is updated with all the latest answers to help you out on those really tough ones. Guess the emoji is a great game, play alone or with your friends and family. It really does get those brain cells working! This game is on android and iphone so everyone can play. Get the answers right, and build up your coins to buy clues, but when you run out…we are here to help! The site is set out so you can access individual levels and answers, so if you do get stuck, you can look up the answer without ruining the rest of the game for yourself. We will keep this site up to date, so you can continue enjoying playing! Have fun! Remember don’t spoil the game by using Guess the Emoji Answers on our website! Also remember that we provide all the Emoji Game Answers.

Welcome to guess the emoji, this game will certainly get those old brain cells ticking! Do you even know what an emoji is? Basically emoji is the Japanese term for the ideograms or smileys used on web pages. They are being used widely around the world now, not just in Japan. I am sure you yourself use them regularly in messages. Pictograph is the original meaning, however emoji literally means ‘picture’ and ‘letter’. This translation is very apt, when you look at the game, as it consists of pictures and letters! All you have to do is play the game by guessing what the pictures are saying? I found this guess the emoji game very entertaining, not all the answers were obvious, so it certainly had my brain working overtime. To help you in your quest to play, I have set up this web site with the answers. They are only meant to be used when you are really stuck! So when this game has you stumped, here we are to help! With roughly 600 emoji’s to guess, we are certain there will be some you may not know, just check out the answers on this site. Don’t spoil the game by cheating on all the guess the emoji answers, we are here to help you out, not do it for you! But we do give you the upper hand by providing you with all the answers! Guess the emoji is a fun addictive game, you can play it anywhere, and get your family and friends involved! We here at hope you have as much fun as we did playing this game! Happy guessing!

Guess The Emoji Answers for your level using the list before. Simply select your level for the answers! Click Here


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That is it for today emoji lovers. I hope that we were informative and now you know some of the things you need to know about this Guess the emoji game. Download this game and increase your knowledge of EMOJI. Hahaha.